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Did 6 million really die? Voted for Nope its fake Nope its fake (5 years 8 months ago)

Google: Did Six Million Really Die PDF Download. Download the document and forward to your friends. This 41 page historic document examines the claims that 6 million people of Jewish origin perished in German gas chambers during WW2.

Holohoax & Protocols of Zion Voted for Nope its fake Nope its fake (5 years 8 months ago)

Google: The Trillion Dollar Lie - The Holocaust. Download the PDF or eBook & forward to your friends. This book exposes the holocaust and gives an interpretation of: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Holocaust Scam. Think about it. Voted for Nope its fake Nope its fake (5 years 8 months ago)

Ever wondered why the German & Israeli states make questioning the holocaust a crime? Answer: They fear that their populations will realise that the holocaust (i.e 6 million Jews died in gas chambers) did not happen as they are forced to believe. Successive German & Israeli governments have hidden the truth from their populations lest they question the scam involving billions of German taxpayers €’s that have been misappropriated as so called holocaust reparations. Think about it.

9/11 Psyop & the Holohoax US Observer (5 years 9 months ago)

Watch the following documentaries on Youtube that expose the so called Holocaust: The Last Days of the Big Lie, One Third of the Holocaust, David Cole in Auschwitz Full Documentary, More than Taboo, Herman Rosenblat a Holocaust Liar. If you want to know how 9/11 was pulled off watch the documentary September Clues on Youtube. Also Google: Vicsim Report. Then download the report. Forward the links to your friends. Motto: Never trust the Main Stream Media.

Truth is What they want it to be US Voted for Yea its real Yea its real (6 years 1 month ago)

I wonder why Muslims question the historical truth of the holocaust. They come closer to Hitler in brutality than any other group of people. Surely then, their doubt is only the doubt of people who cannot tolerate any fact that might elicit sympathy for the hated Jews.

Did Asad Syrian mas.sacre happe US Voted for Yea its real Yea its real (6 years 2 months ago)

No. No problem there. Muslims are making it up to gain sympathy and political advantage. No help for the Muslims - better things to spend money on than

Dahrann BR Observer (6 years 8 months ago)

Action requires knoewldge, and now I can act!

Cherilynn Observer (6 years 8 months ago)

Articles like these put the consumer in the divrer seat-very important.

Leatrice Observer (6 years 8 months ago)

I just hope whoever wirtes these keeps writing more!

Evaline Observer (6 years 8 months ago)

AFAICT you\'ve corveed all the bases with this answer!

By: Observer0934, August 9, 2011


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